In the Field Cleaning "Old Smokey" - ultrasonic cleaners?

Nov 1, 2018
Hi folks.

Just wondering if any of you use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean guns/parts with blackpowder fouling. Do ultrasonic cleaners work well overall? What about parts that get a crusty buildup of fouling? Is there a particular brand/model that is considered very good quality, but still reasonably priced? Any special features to look for when buying? Any recommendations on cleaning solutions? Do you get "flash rust" when removed from the cleaner?
... etc, etc.

Basically, I am hoping to find a shortcut for all the cleaning that needs to be done after shooting, especially for the revolvers, but smaller parts on muskets too. Any knowledge/experience you can share would be greatly appreciated.


Sep 4, 2020
I'm still a hot soapy water guy but there have been people mentioning using ultrasonic cleaners on the FB Black Powder Revolver Enthusiasts group. If you're not a member already, you may wish to join: Some of the guys there get into some "fantasy" repro revolvers (ie: the brass framed .44 cal 1851 Colt "Reb" Navy type stuff) a little more than I care for, but to each their own. There's still a lot of knowledge in the group.


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Feb 20, 2005
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I use a small ultrasonic cleaner for small parts, just big enough to put a complete lock in. It works rather well for heavy buildup. Not sure if it's better than boiling water or not but... Honestly if I didn't have one I'd still be using my old sauce pan with boiling water.