CS Clayton, Victoria Virginia Hunter

Victoria Virginia Hunter Clayton

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Born: June 10, 1832

Birthplace: South Carolina

Father: Major General John Lingard Hunter 1795 – 1868
(Buried: Hunter – Merrill Family Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Bowler 1798 – 1843
(Buried: Hunter – Merrill Family Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​

Husband: Major General Henry De Lamar Clayton Sr. 1827 – 1889
(Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​

Married: January 9, 1850 in Barbour County, Alabama


Sarah Elizabeth Bowler Clayton Walthour 1852 – 1928​
(Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​
Theresa Emily Clayton 1855 – 1856​
(Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​
US Congressman Henry De Lamar Clayton Jr. 1857 – 1929​
(Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​
Victoria Virginia Clayton Williams 1860 – 1941​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama)​
US Congressman & 2nd​ Lt. Bertram Tracy Clayton 1862 – 1918​
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia)
Jeff Davis Clayton 1869 – 1941​
(Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​
Lee Johnston Clayton 1874 – 1946​
(Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama)​

Antebellum Events:

1843: Death of her brother Sarah Elizabeth Bowler Clayton​
1850: Marriage to her husband Henry De Lamar Clayton Sr.​
1852: Birth of daughter Sarah Elizabeth Bowler Clayton Walthour.​
1855: Birth of daughter Theresa Emily Clayton​
1856: Death of her daughter Theresa Emily Clayton​
1857: Birth of son Henry De Lamar Clayton Jr.​
1860: Birth of daughter Victoria Virginia Clayton​

Civil War Life Events:

1862: Birth of son Bertram Tracy Clayton
Death 1.jpg
Her husband is wounded at the Battle of Stones River, Tennessee​
1863: Death of her sister Elizabeth Aiken Hunter Merrill​
Her brother in law James Lawrence Pugh served as Confederate States Representative​

Postbellum Events:

1868: Death of her father Major General John Lingard Hunter​
1869: Birth of her son Jeff Davis Clayton​
1874: Birth of her son Lee Johnston Clayton​
1886 – 1889: Her husband was President of University of Alabama
Death 2.jpg
1886 – 1888: Her Son Bertram Tracy Clayton served in U.S. Army.​

1889 – 1908: Widow of Major General Henry De Lamar Clayton Sr.​
1897 – 1908: Mother of U.S. Congressman Henry D. Clayton Jr.​
1898: Her son Bertram Tracy Clayton served in United States Army.​
1899: Author of White and Black Under The Old Regime
1899 – 1901: Mother of U.S. Congressman Bertram Tracy Clayton​
1901 – 1908: Her son Bertram Tracy Clayton Served in U.S. Army​

Died: February 8, 1908

Place of Death: Eufaula, Alabama

Age at time of Death: 75 years old

Burial Place: Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama
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