Clark Kent's Grandfather, Vermont's Bullet Proof Calvin Adams

JPK Huson 1863

Brev. Brig. Gen'l
Feb 14, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
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Recruiting posters are wonderful, the era idea of soldier-super hero a frequent illustration. They got them. public access

Just made up the part about Clark Kent. Ok so he's made up too but his ancestry could look a lot like a Vermont soldier, Calvin Adams.

If Calvin Adams of this story is who I think he is, not only did he survive the war he lived another 40 years. Seems there were quite a few Union soldiers named Calvin Adams. One of those men you'd love to think contributed to your DNA; he was apparently indestructible.

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What you have to love is there's more.

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You just know when his wife got there she tied him to the bed.

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I'm not certain enough about which Calvin was this Vermont soldier to post the rest of his war but seems to have survived it. No idea how, glad to know he probably did.

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