CivilWarTalk Throwback Thursday, 5 - 13 - 2021

James N.

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Feb 23, 2013
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This week's Throwback Thursday goes back to a May, 1978 living history event held on the historic property belonging to the late Carolyn and Dale (C&D) Jarnagin outside Corinth, Mississippi, where we recreated a section of the May, 1862 Confederate siege works. We manhandled the mountain howitzer belonging to our Captain, the late Glen Smith, into a gun emplacement atop a ridge; above, I'm in the red fireman's shirt acting as No. 4 (lanyard), and to the right from me are Bruce Winders (No. 2), Mike Hubbard (mostly blocked by Glen but standing at the muzzle as No. 1), and David Cjeka standing at right in the Gunner's position. Below, our gun and crew can be seen in the background with the Confederate Guard infantry company in the foreground preparing to march off - left-to-right in the background around the gun: John Snapp, Bruce, Glen, David, and Mike. For more about this event, please see:

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Anyone else having (preferably) old Civil War-related photos, mementoes, or memorabilia from reenactments, living history, or other events or vacation or other travel they would like to share with us is welcome and encouraged to do so in this weekly thread!