CivilWarTalk Throwback Thursday, 4 - 29 - 2021

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Feb 23, 2013
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Historic Washington State Park, Arkansas Then-And-Now
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This past weekend I returned for the first time in probably a decade or more to one of our former favorite reenacting venues, Historic Washington State Park, Arkansas where the photo of our field hospital had been taken - seated at center is Larry Mink and to the left Doug @1863surgeon Garnett and another whose name I have now unfortunately forgotten. This idyllic scene (note the plie of "amputated" limbs, hands, and feet!) is in the rear kitchen garden of the Dr. Purdom House there, one of Civil War-era Washington's several medical practitioners. Below, the same site today, looking a little forlorn and empty in our absence:

Washington, AR 4-25-2021 054.JPG

For many more photos of Historic Washington State Park please see my *NEW* thread:

Anyone else having (preferably) old Civil War-related photos, mementoes, or memorabilia from reenactments, living history or other events or vacation or other travel they would like to share with us is welcome and encouraged to do so in this weekly thread!

Washington, AR 4-25-2021 055.JPG