CivilWarTalk Throwback Thursday, 4 - 16 - 2021

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This week I have taken the liberty of stealing - I mean Borrowing - for Throwback Thursday a photo from @bdtex showing from the right, CWT members Bobby; Joe Walker; Yours Truly; and @Nathanb1 in August, 2018 while attending the annual Jefferson, Texas Civil War Symposium. Like almost everything else last year this annual event was cancelled due to you-know-what; happily I've received an Email from the event organizers informing me that it is once again scheduled for this year with the same speakers and program previously announced:

I can't tell you how excited we all are are to see this email go out - the 2021 Jefferson Civil War Symposium is actually looming on the horizon! Before reading another word, before doing anything else, be sure to put a big, red circle around August 7 on your calendar. That is the date that we're all going to gather in Jefferson for this year's symposium!

Last year we had to cancel due to the pandemic, and we missed out on an incredible slate of speakers... so we're very proud to announce that the same speakers that missed last year will be in the house to deliver the same programs that were scheduled for last August. We're finally going to hear these incredible presentations...

  • Vicki Betts recently retired as a librarian at the University of Texas at Tyler and is currently co-editor of Chronicles of Smith County, Texas, the annual journal of the Smith County Historical Society. She will present “Escape from Camp Ford!” which will look at the various ways federal soldiers tried, and sometimes succeeded, in escaping from the largest prisoner of war camp in the Trans-Mississippi, located near Tyler.
  • William Bozic, a Park Guide at the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve assigned to the NPS visitor centers in Lafayette and Eunice, Louisiana will present “Get in the Saddle and Ride: A Regimental History of Col. James B. Likens’ 35th Texas Cavalry Regiment”, a unit that rode and fought along the Texas Gulf Coast, through the Red River Campaign, in the Atchafalaya Region, and finally in Galveston until the war ended.
  • M. Jane Johansson, Ph.D., is a professor of history at Rogers State University who will present “The 28th Texas Cavalry (Dismounted) of Walker’s Texas Division.” This presentation will provide a collective biography of the men who served in this East Texas regiment, and describe their recruitment, wartime service in Arkansas and Louisiana, and combat experiences during the Red River Campaign.
  • Steven M. Mayeux, a retired Central Louisiana agricultural consultant, historian and former Marine tank officer will present "Joseph Lancaster Brent: Lawyer, Warrior, and Prophet of Tank Warfare." Joseph Brent was one of the more obscure Confederate generals. His impressive accomplishments during the War make this story all the more amazing. He should have died in two different shipwrecks, but instead, lived on to broker one of the last Confederate surrenders. His post-war prophetic look into the future of tank warfare is almost spooky.
These are topics that are brand new to the symposium, even after nine previous years (can you believe that this is the 10th annual?). As always, there will be a full vendor room and a delicious lunch served. The friday night speaker's reception is an add-on that attendees always love - it's a chance to meet the speakers one-on-one, and hear them preview their presentations.

Anyone else having (preferably) old Civil War-related photos, mementoes, or memorabilia from reenactments, living history or other events or vacation or other travel they would like to share with us is welcome and encouraged to do so in this weekly thread!
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