CivilWarTalk Throwback Thursday, 11-12-2020

James N.

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Feb 23, 2013
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This week Throwback Thursday only goes back maybe a decade to a memorable reunion of the old reenactment unit the Confederate Guard held at Old Washington Historic State Park, Arkansas during one of their Civil War Days events. Although I was never an "official" member of the Guard, I nevertheless attended many of its past events, sometimes serving in their ranks as at Gettysburg and Chickamauga; sometimes with our affiliated artillery battery or section like at Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, and Vicksburg living history events; and often as a Federal opponent including another Gettysburg so I had no reservations about attending this reunion as well! We enjoyed a catered evening dinner in the park's original Nineteenth Century church and the following day posed outside for this commemorative photograph. Unfortunately, I don't remember the names of everyone who attended, but a few who I still recognize are, from the left: ?; Yours Truly; Paul Putty of Dallas; Mrs. Danny Sessums, standing beside her seated author husband, the founder and "father" of the Guard; behind him Sam ?; standing center, George Susat, another co-founder and longtime First Sergeant; from there on this reproduction tintype we had made is too faint for me to recognize the others.

Anyone else having (preferably) old Civil War-related photos, mementoes, or memorabilia from reenactments, living history or other events, or vacation or other travel they would like to share with us is welcome and encouraged to do so in this weekly thread!