CivilWarTalk Authors Club Rules & Request Thread (Updated November 2019)


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Are you an Author? Have you spent months or even years writing a book about the American Civil War?

Would you like to get your new book noticed! CivilWarTalk has an Authors Club, and you can join now for Free!​

"What is this new club?"

This exclusive club will give you access to our Staff, and arrange special promotional opportunities for your new book!​

"What kinds of opportunities?"
  • A Dedicated Thread to the Launch of your Book, including links to all relevant pages (publishing info, sales pages, etc.)
  • Your Book Launch Thread shared on CivilWarTalk's Social Media Pages on Launch Day!
You Also Get:
  • Your Book included in a list of upcoming books to be launched soon!
  • Authors Recognized with a Banner Under their Username, Two Levels of Recognition
    • Bronze for New Unknown and Self Published Authors
    • Silver for Known/Repeat Authors with a positive reputation on CivilWarTalk
  • Silver Level Authors may have their Book Icon image in their Signature Line for 30 days with a link to one web site of their choice.
"How do I Submit My Book and Join the Club?"

Join the CivilWarTalk Forum, and contact me @civilwartalk, (Trouble Registering? Email Me!) Make sure you give me your full name, the name of your new book, your planned publishing date, and any web addresses for sales pages or further information. I'll get right back to you with info on the next steps.​

"When should I send my Book Information to CivilWarTalk?"

Ideally, you will want to contact Mike ONE MONTH in advance of your publishing date. You can send this information as early as six months in advance if you like!​
We will also need a URL to Amazon, or the link of your choice, before Launch Day if you want to let CWT users go buy the book!​
You can send us a message to alert us to a book coming more than 12 months out, but it won't go on the list until 12 months before launch.​

Are you interested in Premium Advertising?

Contact @civilwartalk, (or Email Me!) and we can discuss the options and rates! We have a campaign for every budget! We have sponsorship opportunities as well as ad placements for pages, individual forums, the whole web site, as well as for our weekly newsletter!​

What is a “Belated Launch Day”?

This is a way that we can celebrate the publishing of your new book if we missed the first day of availability after publishing. Currently we are accepting belated entries up to 3 months late, please try to join the launch club as early as you can, before your publishing date, or as soon after as possible.​

Congratulations on your new Civil War book! Let's get that Launch Done Right!
Official Authors Club Launch Listings
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