Official Muster CivilWarTalk Antietam Muster 2021 (Oct 8-10)

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Feb 5, 2017

CivilWarTalk Antietam Muster 2021

Weekend of October 8th, 9th, and 10th - 2021

If you're interested in going to this event, please RSVP in the module at the top of the thread! Get your RSVP in before September 17th!

Thursday, October 7th​: (Early Arrivals Optional)

1:00 pm – Check in Time​

Friday, October 8th​: (optional)

Morning Side Trip​

Friday, October 8th​ (Regular Arrivals)
12:00 pmOfficial Kickoff: CWT Fall Muster – Gather in War Room!
12:30 pm – Head to Harpers Ferry National Park.​
Here are some audio presentations about Harpers Ferry​
Put on your most comfortable walking shoes! Harpers Ferry is very up and downhill.​
3:30 or 4:00 pm – A member presentation?​
6:30 pm – Dinner – TBA​

Saturday, October 9, 2021

7:00 am – Breakfast in our CWT War Room. Antietam Movie​
8:00 am – Leave hotel.​
It will take 45 minutes to get from Charles Town to Antietam.
We get to Antietam for 8:45, use the porta potties, pay park fees in the trailer they will have set up, look around a bit in the book store and Stephen will join us for 9:30.​
9:30 am – Antietam NP All Day. We will be doing a number of major tour stops all day.​
Stephen Recker, THE Antietam tour guide is booked for 3 hours and will be leading us. I don’t have the full itinerary from him yet.​

12:30 – Box Lunch from Captain Benders.
We will also plan on going over to the Pry House. This was closed for all of 2020. I’m currently ascertaining if it is going to be open by Autumn. This was McClellan’s Headquarters, Lincoln visited it, and it was a field hospital. Very important place. On our way back to Sharpsburg is the National Cemetery.​
I would LOVE a member presentation on the National Cemetery.​
Nutters – Finish off at Nutters for ice cream before we head back to Charles Town for a bit of a rest, freshen up and then the member dinner.​
As always, we want and look forward to member presentations on any of the subjects here!​
This is a big park – very pristine battlefield - and is spread out so there will be a lot of driving.​
7:00 pm – Dinner - TBD​

Sunday, October 10th

7:00 am – Gather in our CWT War Room for breakfast​
Presentation – looking for member presentations​
9:30 am – Head into Charles Town, which was named after George Washington’s younger brother. Who knew he had a brother?​
Jefferson County Courthouse still stands where the trial of John Brown was held.​
Presentation on this by anyone?​
1:00 pm – Return to hotel, say our goodbyes, checkout and go home.​

Sunday Afternoon Side Trip

Fredricksburg – National Museum of Civil War Medicine​

[INFORMATION=Host Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites and Home2 Suites]

Charles Town, WV
(Hampton) 304-725-2200

There are 25 double queen rooms on hold for us that weekend with some set aside for handicap accessible. The rates for people coming in early are: Wednesday and Thursday nights, $109.00 (plus tax) and Friday and Saturday nights, $139.00 (plus tax). Sunday and Monday nights go back to $109.00 (plus tax). These rates are as discounted as they get.

We also have a "War Room" set aside BUT at this current time (February - 2021), only 10 people are allowed in it, preferably masked. That may change by Fall as Covid conditions change.

Of course, while things are starting to look good and I had a long talk with the events coordinator about it, things are subject to change at a moments notice because of Covid. Currently West Virginia has the BEST vaccine rollout rate in the nation.

When making the reservations, please state that you are with the CivilWarTalk Antietam Muster. If there is any problem with that, please refer the booking clerk to Tara Orndorff, Director of Sales, and she will straighten them out at the front desk.

Tara also wanted this link to be included in this notice to CivilWarTalk Members on what the Hilton Company is doing to make the rooms clean and safe for our stay.

The safety and security of our guests and team members remain our highest priority, and Home2 Suites and Hampton Inn & Suites Charles Town remain diligent in our commitment to provide a safe, hospitable environment for all who enter our doors.

Some previous discussions about this muster have been archived here:
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Some likely bets: John Brown and Civil War sites in and around Harper's Ferry including Charles Town and Shepherdstown. Stonewall Jackson sites in and around Winchester, including Kernstown.

Going in another direction - east - there's the South Mountain battlefields and Frederick's Medical Museum and Monocacy Battlefield which is another NPS unit:
Wow some great suggestions and fantastic threads. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Feb 23, 2013
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I"ll start a side trips thread over the weekend! I just received a bunch of brochures for the area and will start posting them!
If you need any advice or have any questions about any of my suggestions, feel free to ask here or PM me - for example, the otherwise good little park at Kernstown has a ridiculously short tourist season and will likely be closed by October; it might be necessary to get current information from other of our members who live in the area.

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I guess don't write me off completely. Been working my behind off this week, (month old pile of moldy corn is a *****! I've filled 4 or 5 large dumpsters the past few days all by my lonesome), and while doing "Orientation" this week I found out one of the benefits I get is a pretty nice discount on rental cars and hotels. I only get so many pre-arranged days off, so I MIGHT make the trip with Tom, who I need to update on things come to think of it.

But then again early warning there's still a big chance I won't come. My reenacting days have been severely limited the past couple years, and Pea Ridge is around the same time as the muster, with another not too long afterwards so I may go to them instead. Depends on how I feel I guess, week off to go to Maryland sacrificing my Fall reenacting season for the fifth time in a row, or two reenactments in nearby Arkansas...


Dec 6, 2012
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Just don't get in any hurry, you can only go as fast as the person in front of you and during the peak times of the year (especially the Fall) that is pretty slow. Also, plan to be off before dark as a ride on these roads after dark can be a rather white knuckle experience.
There was a 30mph speed limit when we did it a few years back. Didn't mind the views were stunning


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May 4, 2015
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I just got back from a 1500 mile round trip out to Colorado and back in the RV. It's such a pleasant way to travel. I took my cat, Stumpy, with me and I have to say how proud and happy I am with her as a traveling companion. The first 1/2 hour she was not pleased with the idea of travelling, but then she settled down and made the trip out to Colorado sitting on my leg and watching the cars pass us. On the way back she spent most of the trip up in the cab over bunk and between naps she'd reach down with her paw and swipe at my hair which demanded that I stick my arm up there so she could do battle with my hand.
I was also really impressed with how well she handled her leash, too. I don't think she'll ever learn how to heal, but she doesn't fight it.

Based on this trip, she'll be making the CWT muster.

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Feb 5, 2017
I have posted this map company once before and i Do it again just in case some are interested
these maps have everything on the battlefield and they are water proof.

Trailhead Graphicsn Inc.
PO Box 461953
Auror, CO. 80046
800-390-5117 Fax (303) 766-7108
I’ve bought maps from them and they are fantastic!


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Jul 21, 2015
I finished reading Landscape Turned Red a couple of nights back. Only book I have read this year. Very much looking forward to my first trip to Sharpsburg with you folks.
Dec 12, 2020
I finished reading Landscape Turned Red a couple of nights back. Only book I have read this year. Very much looking forward to my first trip to Sharpsburg with you folks.
Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the audio recording from the library. Sometimes it's easier for me to listen to something than read it time wise. I listen on hikes, in the car, at home, etc. We are going back to the office in a hybrid manner so I'll be listening while commuting. I always appreciate hearing about what people read and enjoy. It will be my first trip to Sharpsburg too.
Dec 12, 2020
I sent for some for my upcoming trip. The visitor center is closed and I'm on my own.
I was able to get the Fredericksburg map. I was told to get the one from Petersburg at Pamplin Park. The map will be very helpful in not missing anything. Now if there is just gas! Hopefully with the pipeline running again I'll be able to pull off this trip.