Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 9-13-18

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This week's Throwback Thursday features a poor, blurry photo, but one of an event important to me and the unit I was serving with at the time, The Confederate Guard. It was Memorial Day weekend, 1979, and we were attending a small living history event held by the NPS at Chickamauga National Military Park, Georgia, possibly the first- time-ever such an event was sanctioned there! Our Northern partners/rivals the Mudsills and their leader George Derenberger had applied and received permission to hold the event and vouched for the Guard as an appropriate Confederate unit to also participate. Captain Derenberger and his lieutenant John Zaharias made their headquarters in the Snodgrass House with his men's authentic camp around it; our officers similarly used the Brotherton House where we camped. Each company consisted of only about thirty men, and on Sunday morning we marched separately from our camps to attend a memorial service somewhere between our two camps. I was also able to visit the park headquarters and see the famous Fuller gun collection and tour the battlefield itself. For additional photos of this visit, please see my new thread:

Anyone else having (preferably) old Civil War-related photos, mementoes, or memorabilia of travels, reenactments, or living history events is welcome and encouraged to post them here in this thread!

Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!