Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 12-6-18

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As promised in last week's Throwback Thursday, this week's entry features a couple of photos taken at Dallas, Texas' Old City Park, this time on the porch of the "Plantation House" Millermore. (It was really more of a large two-story farmhouse, built in 1857, that was slated for demolition before being moved by flatbed trailer here to the park.) Because it is one the very few antebellum structures surviving in either Dallas or its suburbs, we tended to gravitate to it for events like Candlelight which was held around this time of the month and our own slightly later annual unit Christmas Cotillion.

This photo dates from 1981; at the time our unit, until recently known as Douglas' Texas Battery, was becoming known as its "official" chartered name, The North Texas Reenactment Society, and was moving away from a strictly Confederate artillery impression to an eclectic mix of Confederate and Union, infantry as well as artillery. But because we still tended to favor Confederate impressions around "home", here I'm wearing my then-new cadet gray officer's tunic (tailored by a friend from an old Columbia Military Academy greatcoat) and matching Dale Jarnagin trowsers. This might have been taken while strolling the grounds greeting visitors during Candlelight, but was more likely in advance of our cotillion.

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Anyone else having (preferably) old Civil War-related photos, mementoes, or memorabilia is welcome and encouraged to share them with us in this thread!
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