Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 12-20-18

Dec 30, 2016
Manassas VA
Hah ! View attachment 214677

I also had these exact Sears Sons of Liberty & Fort Apache sets.
I didn't have The Alamo, but I did inherit a handful of Mexican Infantry from what was left of an older cousin's 1950's version of that set.

Back then, everyone was producing some version of Fort Apache.

I still think Marx turned out the best product.
Me and my big brother had all of those!!! Too bad kids now days wouldn't even begin to think about entertaining themselves with something like these. Or even a rubber band powered wind up balsa wood airplane with the big red plastic wheels and propeller

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Jun 23, 2013
Lots of Marx re-issues (USA & Mexico mfg) are carried by Hobby Bunker out of Massachusetts. The Marx figures are interesting. I’ve never had the CW sets but I’ve had other ones.

In my opinion the very best plastic CW sets are produced by Armies in Plastic. They specialize in various regiments like the 146th NY Zouaves, Wheat’s LA Tigers, etc. I’ve noticed that their stock changes I guess because of production runs, items going out of stock, etc. I don’t collect but sure think they’re neat.

Kurt G

May 23, 2018
This is by Nuts Planet . You are right about the Confederate ! I do have several Young busts . Wish they would do some Civil War pieces .

James N.

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Feb 23, 2013
East Texas
… When I played with the western set I would place the Indians in the fort and the soldiers on the outside.Kinda of reversal of history .however I did not permit the Nobel Red man to process artillery or weapons of the soldier.One can only alter the facts in novels or movies ,maybe in today's social studies classes.I would allow the Indians to tunnel out to avoid a massacre by the Caucasians.This was all pretend.
Were/are you aware that during the early Colonial era in New England that that was the norm? One of the greatest slaughters occurred at what was called The Great Swamp Fight when the Narragansetts were surrounded and surprised in their fortified village by forces from Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth, Providence, and New Haven during King Philip's War. They successfully repelled the attackers until the stockade was set on fire; the colonists slaughtered them as they attempted to flee their burning village - unfortunately they had no tunnels and it wasn't pretend! I have visited the site, which is a forlorn spot deep in a National Forest in Rhode Island.

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