Civil War Reenactments Overseas And Overseas Reenactments Over Here

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Apr 8, 2018
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I'm not sure if allowed or not, but this has been bugging me.

Today on the "Authentic Campaigner" group FB page some Russians were posting photos of their reenactments of our War Between the States over in the Urals. I must say while some impression were atrocious, (I doubt they have the ACW reenacting infrastructure we are blessed with) and other extremely good, them being over in Russia really got my Crimean War itch going. Talking to some of these Russians about Crimean War reenacting and WW1/Russian CW reenacting over there, I got to ask. How many CW reenactors over here would love to do a reenactment of the Crimean War over here?

Setting up a private Siege of Sevastopol event site could even be used as a Siege of Vicksburg or Petersburg reenactment for the public, (great powder burners to jimmy up interest among reenactors and hopefully pay the bills) and wouldn't be too hard I would think. Plus a British impression wouldn't be very difficult greatcoat and English Army cloth wise as well as accoutrements, and I would think some ACW patterns could be well adapted to make French uniform items (such as red trousers) especially when the correct cloth is very available from ACW fabric purveyors. While Russian and Ottoman uniforms would be a not impossible difficulty to overcome, Russian muskets would be difficult, while on the other hand Russian rifle units would be an easy thing to overcome. It would finally give a reenactment use to all those Nepalese copies of the British 1st pattern Brunswick Rifle from IMA, as excepting the rear sight and barrel keys, its very close to the Belgian made, Russian adopted Luttich Rifle. Plus IMA's EIC "Model F" colonial soldiers version of the British P-1842 musket could be used as a substitute for the P-1842 nd P-1851 provided someone was unable to have a custom repro built (P-1853 Enfields just didn't see a ton of usage in that war, still new).

I would love to just pick everything up and fly to the Crimea/Russia and do one of those events, but it just ain't practical weapon wise, as going by photos they have extreme problems in the department of period correct muskets (hmmm, I wonder why....).

So is there anyone else interested in this concept?