Civil War poster from 1863 showing the breakdown of prices for uniforms, garrison equipment, weapons and more


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Jan 1, 2011

I picked up this really unique poster not too long ago. It details the price of each part of a firearm issued to men in the American Civil War. It measures 20 inches by 24 inches and was printed by the Adjutant General’s Office led by Lorenzo Thomas. It was likely provided to the regimental quartermasters in charge of accounting for ordnance stores.

It details the breakdown of each part that make up the following long guns: Generic Muskets and Rifles, Sharpe’s Carbine and Rifle, Breech-Loading Carbines, Colt’s Rifle (Caliber .56) and Merrill’s Carbine and Rifle And the following revolver pistols: Colt’s Pattern, Lefaucheux, Savages’s Army and Navy Size and Remington’s Army and Navy Size.

My article lists out the 36 parts for the Lefaucheux revolver listed and you can zoom the images to better see everything else too. I also show the Ordnance memorandum with instructions on making quarterly returns that has some of these same tables.

It's definitely a cool document and is neat for me especially as it details out the Lefaucheux revolver parts and costs right along with shared importance as the Colt, Savage and Remington revolvers.

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