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Apr 12, 2012
Hey there, I'm Zuzah. I colorize photographs, and I am in love with the Civil War.

This will be a short guide to how I find all my photographs of the Civil War, some of it is discovered by googling, and some are fairly unknown.

1) The biggest and most complete collection is obviously the Library of Congress, their entire selection can be found @ For specifically Civil War stuff you can check out, that's the same website I use. The studio images created by Brady/Handy can be found @

2) The Center for Civil War Photography has a great number of links, the can be found over @

3) Flickr and Tumblr are great places to search for images. A lot of the times you'll come up empty-handed, but every now and again you find a diamond in the rough. I stumbled upon by accident, and I found a lot of cool pictures on Tumblr, but many of these are re-hosted directly off of other archives. The Flickr archive is also basically the U.S. National Archives, just only featuring Mathew Brady photographs, however searching the Flickr account will also search the main website.

4) I've found that this particular websites features negatives that the National Archives & Library of Congress does not, and vice-versa.

5) Lawrence T. Jones' Texas Photograph Collection can be found over @ There's a general collection featuring his images, as well as a ton of others over @

6) This is more of a research-site than it is a photography site, I haven't used it as much for that purpose, but I felt it should still be added, you can find it over @

7) features more than just photographs, this features paintings, engravings, etc.

8) has more copyrighted material than the other websites, and as such I don't really like using it.

9), features a lot of different photographers' collections.

10) The National Archives' Flickr:

11) - Thanks to Mike Serpa!

Anyway, I'll edit and add more sources when I find them, stay tuned.
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Apr 7, 2012
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