civil war pencils


Sergeant Major
Apr 20, 2012
Perhaps I am over-sensitive.Yes I have studied pencils and paper and sharpeners and every imaginable form of drawing and writing equipment.You are correct,though,that pencils from our period did have square or rectagonal leads.Erasers of a type were also avaliable.There were even painted and company stamped pencils,but you cant get those unless you go antiqueing.I almost sent to the UK for chinese white paint because it has too much "bad" stuff in it to sell over here.If anyone is interested,period paper is difficult as well,so I purchase paper similar from companys that have been around since then,like Canson.I just took it all wrong that I should stay awake nights worried about hand-sewn button-holes but hey,just buy your pencils at Wally World.Perhaps a list made of Acceptable F--rbs is in order.I suppose it is enough that one trys,and I always am open to suggestions and guidance.I have studied the Civil War for 50 years and know but little.Reenacting,I am relatively new at.Actually to do my impression really correct,as a "special",I should be mounted,but that just isnt in the cards at all.Forgive my over-sensativity,please

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