Civil War Drawings in Old Newspapers


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Mar 15, 2013

When I am scanning old newspaper articles, I frequently marvel at the talent of the artists who sketched for the newspapers back in the day. Imagine someone taking the time to sketch a scene to go along with a story. Some articles include multiple sketches. How may sketches would there have been in each newspaper each day? I know some of the newspaper artists became famous, but I'm not talking about the famous ones... just the regular guy who sketched for the local daily and weekly newspapers. I thought it might be fun to create a thread where folks can share their favorite sketches, or ones they happen across as they read old newspapers. Please feel free to add to the thread!

The drawing above, published in The National Tribune., August 17, 1899, page 7, accompanies a long article by Corporal P. Mitchell of the 16th Ohio Battery, detailing his recollections of the Battle of Champion Hill. Although I am unable to make it out, the drawing boasts a signature.

Sometimes, a sketch provides information about a specific individual. Like the one below related to the 3rd Iowa Cavalry at the Battle of Osage ....Private R. A. Buzzard, Co. D, had his horse shot. He got on his feet and jumped on one of the guns. He swung his revolver over his head, and at that moment received a ball through his heart and fell dead, with his arms locked around the cannon. ~ P. H. Steele, Co. K, 3d Iowa Cav., Manhattan, Colo. [The National Tribune., January 06, 1898, page 2.]

And this drawing is more detailed than some.
The article, written by Sgt. Patrick Breen 2nd US Regulars (Fifth Corps) describes his own wounding at Gettysburg. He was wounded in the left hand. [Attention @Tom Elmore this one might interest you]




[The National Tribune., August 02, 1900, page 3.]
Please add your favorite drawings from old newspapers!

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Mar 7, 2014
This is a great idea for a thread. I'm drawn to (no pun intended) this sort of art, too. When I was in college, I asked for and received a then-new book for Christmas. It was the AMERICAN HERITAGE book of Civil War art--original drawings meant to guide engravers of the era.

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