Civil War Article of the Month - January 2014


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Have your written a great Civil War Article or Blog Post? Enter our Civil War Article of the Month Contest!

Here are the rules:
  • Only the original author of an article or blog post is eligible to enter this contest. (Only members may post in this forum, if you aren't currently a member, JOIN NOW, it's free!)
  • Only posts written within the last 60 days are eligible!
  • Articles or posts should be free for anyone to read, and must be able to be linked so that members may easily find and access the entry.
  • Blog posts on other sites and New Threads on CivilWarTalk (New Threads Only Please!) are all eligible. Blog/Article content may include, but is not limited to: book reviews, photo essays, academic articles, current events, historical essays, and any other American Civil War Content. Articles and posts should be at least 300 words in length.
  • Authors may enter up to eight posts or articles per monthly contest.
  • A winner will be chosen by the staff of CivilWarTalk, a link to the winner's article will be featured on our homepage for the next monthly period. Also, any CivilWarTalk member may also weigh in by "Liking" their favorite entries.
  • This contest will end on January 31, a new contest will begin next month.
  • Limit, One Entry per post in the thread below PLEASE!
Please use the following template to enter your article or post:
URL (Link) to Article or Post:
Name of Article or Post:
Author's Name (Your Name/Nickname):
Article or Post Description:

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Mar 29, 2011
I hope this will take off! There are numerous bloggers and authors here that "hide their light under a bushel" (and some that do not) and it will give them a chance to shine! If it lasts long enough I might enter a thing or two. As it is now I would have to go back well beyond 60 days to show something I am truly proud of.
I also like the fact you are allowing "New Threads on CivilWarTalk" to enter. There are a couple of members that quite often bring good material to the boards but do not have their own outlet for their stuff! I for one am looking forward to seeing our members at work! And as a bonus we all may find some sites we never knew existed!


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This can be rebooted, but we would need a new staff member dedicated to making it work.

Mike and I have our hands full as do the current moderators and hosts.


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