Civil War Ancestry Coincidence


May 4, 2013
While doing some genealogy research last weekend, I came across an interesting coincidence. When looking at the names of the children of a previously unknown great aunt named Polly Cockram, I found that she had a son named Garland Marion Moore. Polly's sister Malinda Cockram (my 4 x Great Grandmother) had a son named Garland Marion Kanady (my 3 x Great Granduncle). I assume both were named after Polly's husband Garland Sr. Both Garland's served in the Union Army. Garland Moore served in the 8th Illinois Infantry and Garland Kanady served in the 131st and 29th Illinois Infantry. The coincidence I discovered was that both fought in the Battle of Fort Blakley on April 9th, 1865. Garland Moore was wounded and unfortunately died in a Union Army hospital in New Orleans on April 16th, 1865 (Age 30). He is buried in the Chalmette Cemetery in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Garland Kanady survived and was mustered out in November, 1865. He passed away on April 12, 1890 and is buried in the Jackson Cemetery in Ridgway, Illinois (Age 54).
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