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    Some receipts from this era attempted to give medicinal advice. Many dangerous, and in some cases, deadly, "cures" were given, reflecting the primitive knowledge of that time period. Don't assume everything you read here is safe to try! Recipes and Receipts posted here are for Historic Research Purposes, enjoy them, learn from them, discuss them!

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Coffee/Tea Cigar & Tan Bark Coffee (Substitute)

cigar & tan bark coffee
(from the Georgia Journal and Messenger of Macon, Georgia, October 16, 1861)


tan bark​
3 old cigar stumps​
a quart of water​


(One of three "Recipes for the Times.")​
Take tan bark, three parts; three old cigar stumps and a quart of water, mix well, and boil fifteen minutes in a dirty coffee-pot, and the best judges cannot tell it from the finest Mocha.​

(* - Tan bark is the bark of certain species of trees, high in tannins, like an Oak Tree. It is traditionally used for tanning hides into leather.)