CS Con -Chrisman, James Stone - C.S. Congressman, KY

James Stone Chrisman:
Born: September 14, 1818

Birthplace: Monticello Kentucky
Father: John Chrisman 1796 – 1835
Mother: Sally Stone 1792 – 1859

Wife: Lucy Nelson Bell 1829 – 1893
(Buried: Coal Hill Cemetery Coal Hill Arkansas)

Emily Chrisman 1848 – 1849
(Buried: Old Town Cemetery Wayne County Kentucky)
Frances Esler “Fannie” Chrisman Brown 1858 – 1937
(Buried: Ellington Cemetery Magazine Arkansas)
Lucy Chrisman Buster 1863 – 1942
(Buried: Forest Hills Cemetery Chattanooga Tennessee)
William Marshall Chrisman Sr. 1875 – 1940
(Buried: New Saint Marcus Cemetery Affton Missouri)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

1849 – 1853: Attorney in Monticello Kentucky
1845: Unsuccessful Candidate for Kentucky State Representative
1847: Unsuccessful Candidate for Kentucky State Representative
1849: Delegate to Kentucky State Constitutional Convention
1853 – 1855: United States Congressman from Kentucky
1853 – 1855: Member of House Invalid Pensions Committee
1854: Unsuccessful Candidate for reelection to U.S. Congress.

1855 – 1861: Attorney in Monticello Kentucky

Civil War Career:
1862 -1865: Confederate States Congressman from Kentucky
1862: Member of House War Tax Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Elections Committee
1864–1865: Member of House Territories and Public Lands Committee
One of the few members of Congress who demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice local and personal interests to the central government
He sanctioned any financial measure
He refused to instruct the President or criticize his appointees.
He stood against arming the slaves
He sought to see Confederate Soldiers were well treated in northern prisons and exchanged as quickly as possible.

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1881: Attorney in Monticello Kentucky
1869 – 1871: Kentucky State Representative

July 29, 1881
Place of Death: Monticello Kentucky
Age at time of Death: 62 years old
Burial Place: Elk Spring Cemetery Monticello Kentucky