CS Con -Chilton, William Parish - C.S. Congressman, AL

William Parish Chilton:
Born: August 10, 1810

Birthplace: Columbia County Kentucky
Father: Rev. Thomas John Chilton 1768 – 1841
Mother: Margaret Bledsoe

1st ​Wife: Mary Catherine Morgan 1814 – 1845
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery Talladega Alabama)
2nd​ Wife: Elvira Frances Morgan 1826 – 1891
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama)

Brother: U.S. Congressman Rev. Thomas Chilton 1798 – 1854
(Buried: Old Methodist Church Montgomery Texas)

Thomas George Chilton Unknown – 1860
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama)
Lavinia Afton Chilton Abercrombie 1836 – 1919
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Huntsville Texas)
Mary Catherine “Mollie” Chilton Jones 1840 – 1926
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama)
Margaret Frances Chilton Williams 1844 – 1936
(Buried: Mansfield Cemetery Mansfield Louisiana)
John McElderry Chilton 1848 – 1915
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama)
Wilella Chilton Thorington 1850 – 1932
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama)
Rev. Claudius Lysias “Claude” Chilton 1856 – 1914
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama)

Political Party: Whig Party


Read law under Attorney Return J. Meigs III in Athens Tennessee
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Occupation before War:
School Teacher by the age of 17 years old
1839 – 1846: Attorney in Talladega Alabama
1839: Alabama State Representative
1840: Campaigner for William Henry Harrison Presidential Campaign
1843: Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Congressman
1844: Campaigner for Henry Clay Presidential Campaign
1846 – 1847: Conducted a School in Tuskegee Alabama
1847 – 1852: Associate Justice of Alabama State Supreme Court
1852 – 1856: Chief Justice of Alabama State Supreme Court
1856 – 1861: Attorney in Tuskegee Alabama
1859: Alabama State Senator
Opposed to Secession at the start of the but supported Alabama

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1862: Alabama Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress
1862 – 1865: Confederate States Congressman from Alabama
1862 – 1864: Chairman of House Post Offices and Post Roads Committee
1862 – 1864: Chairman of House Quartermasters & Commissaries Committee
1862 – 1864: Member of House Patents Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Flag and Seal Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Judiciary Committee
1864 – 1865: Chairman of House Patents Committee
1864 – 1865: Member of House Rules and Officers of House Committee
Known for his colorful language and oratory ability
Advocated Strong war measures that he was accused of waning to raise “the black flag”
Took a conservative viewpoint introducing proposals to exempt farmers and mechanics from military service.
Opposed on constitutional grounds part of the draft and currency laws

Occupation after War:
Attorney and law teacher in the State of Alabama

January 20, 1871
Place of Death: Montgomery Alabama
Age at time of Death: 60 years old
Burial Place: Oakwood Cemetery Montgomery Alabama