Period Chicken fricasee (Abe's favorite)

Peter Stines

Apr 10, 2007
Gulf Coast of Texas
The thread about Lincoln's last me was interesting.And the follow up to his favorite meal was especially so. Look up the history of Chicken fricasee on wikipedia! And the origin of the word "fricasse" is intriguing. Frying pan ?
Now fricasse can be made with rabbit or probably any edible critter. I'm willing to bet that Lincoln had it with rabbit, turkey, chicken, and maybe even fish. Have you made it ? And would soldiers or sailors of the time able to make it ? Finding mushrooms could have been a problem for swabbies. But cooks could be resourceful. Share what knowledge you have on this topic. I'll get a fire going and start rustling the fixin's. I'm no Julia Childe but I'll give it a whirl.......