US Con Chaves, Jose Francisco - U.S. Delegate, NM

Jose Francisco Chaves (Chavez)


Born: June 27, 1833

Birthplace: Los Padillas, Mexico

Father: Mariano Chavez 1799 – 1845

Mother: Dolores Perea 1816 – 1877

Wife: Mary Bowie 1833 – 1873


Dolores Elizabeth “Lola” Chavez de Armijo 1863 – 1919​
(Buried: Mount Calvary Cemetery, Albuquerque, New Mexico)​
Francesca Chavez​

Political Party: Republican Party


Studied Medicine at the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons​

Occupation before War:

Stock Raiser in New Mexico Territory​
President of New Mexico Territorial Council for eight sessions​

Civil War Career:

Major of 1st​ New Mexico Union Volunteers Regiment​
1862: Participated in the Battle of Valverde, Mexico​
Helped establish Fort Wingate in New Mexico Territory​
1865: Honorably mustered out of the Union Army​
1865 – 1867: New Mexico Delegate to U.S. Congress​

Occupation after War:

1869 – 1871: New Mexico Delegate to U.S. Congress​
1870: Unsuccessful Candidate for reelection to Delegate to Congress.​
1871 – 1875: Farmer and Stock Raiser in New Mexico Territory​
1875 – 1877: District Attorney, Second Judicial District, New Mexico​
1877 – 1889: Farmer and Stock Raiser in New Mexico Territory​
1889: President of New Mexico State Constitutional Convention​
1903 – 1904: New Mexico State Superintendent of Public Instruction​

Died: November 26, 1904

Place of Death: Pinos Wells, New Mexico

Cause of Death: Assassinated, shot thru the window while dining

Age at time of Death: 71 years old

Burial Place: Santa Fe National Cemetery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
We seem to be experiencing some controversy as to the correct spelling of his last name. Some say it's Chaves,others (including online searches) say it's Chavez.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
Governors seem to run in his family. His grandfather was the first governor in New Mexico during Mexico's rule, later His father was chief of staff to the governor and pro-tem governor in this governor's absence.His step father, Dr. Henry Connelly, was Territorial Governor of New Mexico during the Civil War.It was this step-father/governor who commissioned Chaves as a Major of the 1st New Mexico Volunteers.It was when Kit Carson became it's Colonel that Chaves was promoted to Lt. Col. This is the rank he apparently held when he helped establish Fort Wingate. He was also the forts post commander before being mustered out in 1865.