Charleston Ft Sumter April 9 2011

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Feb 21, 2011
Im planning to be in Charleston on April 9 seeing commemorations at Ft Sumter and Moultrie. Looking for any other activities/events during the day? And good bar or restaurant at night? Im on my own so Id love to meet up with other CW buffs rather than dining alone at McDonalds! Any suggestions welcome!
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J.A. Morrow

I live within a bike-ride of Fort Moultrie and would suggest the following places to eat,assuming you want something other than a hamburger...
On Coleman Boulevard(the main road from the Ravenel Bridge to the causeway,leading to Sullivan's Island) LOCKLEAR'S restaurant.
Great local seafood at moderate price.Locals love it.Especially recommend the (award winning)she-crab soup restaurant specialty.Also,try the shrimp & blt sandwich(a meal within itself)
The WRECK restaurant,in the Old Village Mount Pleasant is another good place for seafood.Casual atmosphere(orders written on paper tablecloths)and overlooks Shem Creek.Just follow the creek toward the harbor and it will be nearly at the end of a paved road.
And,my favorite,up HWY. 17 North to ward Awendaw(about 12 mi.) SEWEE RESTAURANT.
Friends of mine own it(the Peningers)and they are excellent(home made desserts too).
The restaurant has a number of old relics hanging on the walls and Tim Penninger is a relic hunter of some 40 years.If Tim is there he'll talk your ears off about local history.Just introduce yourself.His massive collections of dug artifacts are housed in the McClellanville Museum,just a little further up the road.
So many restaurants have changed hands in Charleston I can't give much advice-but the Ashley Marina(one of my favorites)is excellent.
Right on the Ashley River on Lockwood Bl'vd.
Look for the huge Chisolm Rice Mill building just side-opposite the restaurant(this building once served as a Confederate Navy depot)
Downtown Charleston,SHUCK'S restaurant is pretty good(especially the flounder)on Market Street,Charleston.
Bon appetit'...
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