Chamberlain Chamberlain and the Petersburg myth. Did they move the marker showing where he was wounded??

major bill

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Aug 25, 2012
I went the Ann Arbor CWRT tonight and Dennis Roshbach gave an hour long presentation on this book. So I bought the book but am not sure I will read it. Have they moved the marker that shows where Chamberlain was wounded? I do not think it is a myth that Chamberlain was in fact wounded at Petersburg. So what really happened? Perhaps I should go ahead and read the book.


Northern Light

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Jul 21, 2014
It is certainly not a myth that Chamberlain was wounded. He almost died and suffered from the wounds for the rest of his life. In fact it was in part what finally killed him in 1914 (


Jul 31, 2005
@major bill Interestingly, Chamberlain seems to have been wounded attacking near the site of what would become the Crater just a few short weeks after his attack. I believe they did indeed move the marker from near Forts Hell and Damnation (Sedgwick and Mahone) to southeast of the Crater. In other words, the marker got moved to the northeast from where it originally was placed. Rasbach is NOT saying Chamberlain deliberately lied about the location. Instead, he believes his memory was faulty after the war, and the location where he was wounded changed greatly after his wounding. If you line up all of the reports in the Official Records, they almost all match up in terms of what happened...except for Chamberlain's account.

I did a few blog posts on this book back when it came out. If you are on the fence about reading it, here is a sort of teaser which answers the question, Where Did Chamberlain Attack on June 18, 1864?