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Cashiered ?

Discussion in 'Civil War History - General Discussion' started by Squeek317, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Squeek317

    Squeek317 Private

    Jul 2, 2013
    Queens, NY
    latest pics 019.png This thumbnail is a photo of headstone of my 2nd Great Grand Uncle Thomas William Haslam buried in Brooklyn's GreenWood Cemetery in 1891. I recently discovered him by lucky accident while locating his father's gravestone in a different area of the cemetery. As his headstone indicates he was a volunteer in the 82nd NY Infantry Company C.
    Between Ancestry.com which I have a membership & poking around the NYState Military Museum website (as suggested by CWT members) I have learned about the 82nd Infantry and a bit about Thomas.. Two different records on Ancestry summarize his military record--one as being cashiered and the other as mustering out .....presumably at the end of his term. He enlisted in NYC 21 May 1861, ended service 25 May 1863.

    CWT member ExNavyPilot was kind enough to do a Fold3 lookup for me and found this:
    "I find 2 Thomas Haslams on Fold3. One was in Co C, 82nd NY Infantry, enlisting as a PVT and mustering out as a 2nd Lt. The other was a PVT in Co K, 79th NY Infantry. Unfortunately, Fold3 only has the first page (basically a file label) for the records of NY soldiers, so there's no more info available on them. (Basically the same meager info that's available via the NPS's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database site.)... I took a look at the Ancestry.com records for Thomas Haslam. I saw the NY State Adjutant General's record transcription which indicated "Mustered Out" on May 25, while the muster roll abstract indicates "Cashiered." I found that listing in the 82nd Regmt roster from the NY State Military Museum's site:
    HASLAM, THOMAS.—Age, 23 years. Enrolled at New York city, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. C, May 21, 1861; promoted corporal and sergeant, no dates; first sergeant, November 20, 1862; mustered in as second lieutenant, January 1, 1863; cashiered, May 25, 1863.; Commissioned second lieutenant, December 27, 1862, with rank from December 21, 1862, vice P. W. Herbert promoted."

    If a Civil War soldier is cashiered, would that make him ineligible for a Civil War gravestone marker? I am curious because depending on the answer, it could solve the question of Thomas W being either cashiered or mustering out at end of service term. I did a forum search for the term "cashiered" before starting this thread and one post equated it with a dishonarable discharge.
    My understanding of the term "cashiered" is it accompanied by a reduction in rank for those that have attained it. In the case of Thomas he clearly held his rank because it is inscribed on his CW headstone.

    Any input from CWT members that can help me resolve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. rpkennedy

    rpkennedy Major

    May 18, 2011
    Carlisle, PA
    If he was cashiered, it means that he was kicked out of the army.

    Whether or not it meant he couldn't get a headstone is a mystery to me. His pension records might shed a bit more light if he was able to get the "cashiered" label changed.


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