US -Carney, Thomas - Governor, KS

Thomas Carney:
Born: August 20, 1824
Birthplace: Delaware County Ohio

Father: James Carney 1797 – 1828
(Buried: Blue Church Cemetery Sunbury Ohio)
Jane Ostrander 1800 – 1880
(Buried: Blue Church Cemetery Sunbury Ohio)

Wife: Rebecca Ann Canady 1827 – 1894
(Buried: Mount Muncie Cemetery Lansing Kansas)

Edwin LeRoy Carney 1852 – 1902
(Buried: Mount Muncie Cemetery Lansing Kansas)
William Ware Carney 1854 – 1927

(Buried: Mount Muncie Cemetery Lansing Kansas)
Charles T. Carney 1861 – 1938
(Buried: Mount Muncie Cemetery Lansing Kansas)

Political Party: Republican Party

Occupation before War:

Worked in a Mercantile business making $50.00 per month.
He would get a raise the next year to $100.00 a month.
Partner in a dry – goods house in Cincinnati Ohio
Owner of the first Wholesale house in Leavenworth Kansas
Founder of wholesale shoe firm Carney, Storer & Co.

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1862: Kansas State Representative
1863 – 1865: Governor of Kansas
As Governor he endorsed the Kansas State Bonds to establish state credit on a firmer footing to foster national credibility.
Sold Kansas State Bonds in New York to secure funding needed for arms and ammunition.
Organized and financed an armored border patrol to defend Kansas – Missouri border from Confederates.
The U.S. Government order him to disband the border patrol three days before Quantrill’s violent attack on Lawrence Kansas.
1864: Denied a second term as Governor of Kansas
1864: Declined appointment as United States Senator

Occupation after War:
Wholesale Storage Businessman in Leavenworth Kansas.
1865 – 1866: Mayor of Leavenworth Kansas
One of the Founder’s of Leavenworth’s First National Bank
Member of the board of directors Leavenworth First National Bank
Director of Kansas City, Lawrence & Fort Gibson Railroad
Associated with mining in Gunnison Colorado

Died: July 28, 1888
Place of Death: Leavenworth Kansas
Age at time of Death: 63 years old
Burial Place: Mount Muncie Cemetery Leavenworth Kansas

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