Captain Mosse Osman was the highest ranking Muslim Union soldier.

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Aug 25, 2012
Nicholas Said is probability the best know Civil War Muslim, but Captain Mosse Osman is considered the highest ranking Muslim on either side during the Civil War. However, there does not seem to be much information available about Captain Mosse Osman. Because Nicholas Said was in Detroit at the start of the Civil War some people in Michigan know about him.

Muslim Civil War soldiers are the ghost soldiers of the Civil War because there is so little information about them. I have some doubt that most Americans even know that Muslims fought in the Civil War. Should these soldiers not be honored?


May 16, 2014
Moses Osman, who is cited as the highest ranking officer with a Muslim name in the Union army was confirmed in the German Lutheran Church on 3/26/1843, in Harrisburg Pa. His father's name was Robert and his mother was Catherine. (see for this information).