Authentic Captain James M. Sanderson's Brazilian Stew


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May 12, 2010
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In 1862, Captain James M. Sanderson wrote "Camp Fires and Camp Cooking" or "Culinary Hints for the Soldier". The text includes an introduction to the tools of the cook house, various recipes utilizing the components of a soldier's rations and the "Cook's Creed", highlighting the importance of cleanliness. This recipe for Brazilian Stew is from page nine of Captain Sanderson's "Camp Fires and Camp Cooking".

Brazilian Stew

"Take shins or legs of beef, cut them into slices or pieces two or three ounces in weight, or about the size of an egg; dip them in vinegar, and throw them into a kettle, with a dozen onions sliced, but no water. Let it stand over a very slow fire from three to four hours; then season with pepper and salt, and serve hot. Some boiled potatoes, sliced or quartered, will be a great addition; but the principal thing to be observed is that the fire be a moderate one."

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