Camp of the 38 Ga. Reg, Fredericksburg Va


Sergeant Major
Apr 1, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
Please like and share with your friends and family. When I set out to write this book, I wanted to include original, unpublished material, that told the true story of the stories of the soldiers. Personal letters and photographs, of soldiers in uniform, are extremely hard to find. The book I wanted to write tells the story of the soldiers, instead of a boring regimental history that only contains dry facts. For example, this is an original that I own, never before published from Lt. John Baxter, of Company D, from DeKalb County, Georgia, to his cousin, Miss Jane Hardman, which is included in my book, "Hurrah for Georgia! The History of the 38th Georgia Regiment:",
Camp of the 38 Ga. Reg, Fredericksburg Va
March 8, 1863
Dear Cousin, With pleasure this Sabbath morning write you a few lines in answer to your kind letter received the 4th of this inst. and was truly glad to hear from you and hear you was all well. This leaves me and Samuel (Corporal Samuel Wylie Cochran of Co. D) well and hope will reach and find you and family well. Cousin I have nothing to write that will interest you at this time. The health of the Regiment is tolerable good there is some cases of the fever and 2 cases of the small pox, but it does not prove fatal here like in some places, we have some very wet weather here but we are tolerable well fixed here for the weather, we have good tents with chimneys to them.
The boys is all in good spirits they engage themselves finely and generally look well but want to come home very bad and wants the war to end very bad and I know that I do. Jane it will be no trouble for girls to marry when this war ends for they all say that if they get home they will marry if they can get any body to have them. But if old Lincoln calls his three million of men and we have them to whip them it will thin a heap of us, but I hope I never will have to fight any more.
I am satisfied that there is danger in it for their balls is blind they had as soon hit a man in the face as anywhere else. The boys say that the old bombs comes on in had as soon take one as another. Cousin we can see the Yankeys go up in their balloons every 2 or 3 days we are in a bout 3 miles of them. Some think that there will be a fight here before long but they got so badly whipped here before that they will not try it anymore.
Cousin I would like the best in the world to see you and let me hear from you as often as possible. Tell uncle that he is excusable for not writing to me as he does not write letters but you can write for him. I have not heard from home in some time tell I received your letter and I am very uneasy. I fear that Almeda (John Baxter's 8 year old daughter) is very bad off or Emaliza (his wife). Oh Jane I want to see them very bad. I will close for this time. You must excuse my bad writing and composing and give my love and respects to uncle and aunt and all the family and a good portion to your self.
To Miss E. J. Hardman
John Baxter
Please write as soon as you get this.

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