C.S. Legislative Branch -Callahan, Samuel Benton - C.S. Delegate, Creek & Seminole Indian Tribes

Samuel Benton Callahan:
Born: January 26, 1833

Birthplace: Mobile Alabama
Father: James Oliver Callahan 1810 – 1837
Mother: Amanda Sybil Doyle 1815 – 1902
(Buried: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma)
Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Thornberg 1838 – 1899
Josephine Callahan 1859 – 1945
Dr. James Owen Callahan 1860 – 1913
(Buried: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma)
Gypsie Callahan Adair 1863 – 1963
(Buried: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma)
Jane Evelyn Callahan 1865 –
Samuel Benton Callahan Jr. 1866 –
Sophia Alice Callahan 1868 – 1894
(Buried: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma)
Emma Price Callahan 1870 –
Dr. Walter McKenzie Callahan 1875 – 1922
(Buried: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma)
Edwin Thornberg Callahan 1879 – 1892
(Buried: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma)

Political Party: Democratic Party
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Attended McKenzie College in Clarksville Texas

Occupation before War:
Editor of Sulphur Springs Gazette Newspaper
1858: Moved to Indian Territory establishing a ranch.
Used his one – eighth creek blood to become a Creek Citizen.

Civil War Career:
1st​ Lt. First Creek Mounted Volunteers Regiment
Adjutant of First Creek Mounted Volunteers Regiment
1863: Assisted his regiment in the reorganization.
1863 – 1864: Captain of Company K First Creek Regiment
1864: Resigned from the Confederate Army on May 18th​
1864 – 1865: Creek and Seminole Delegate to Confederate Congress
1864 – 1865: Participated in Congressional Proceedings only twice.
He Introduce a bill calling for the annuities due the Seminoles be paid in cotton.
He assisted all the tribes to exchange their old treasury notes and bonds for new ones at face value.

Occupation after War:
1868 – 1872: Served in the Creek House of Government
Private Secretary to Chiefs Roley McIntosh, Samuel Checote
Clerk of the Creek Territory Supreme Court
Editor of Muskogee Indian Journal Newspaper
1892 – 1894: Superintendent of Whealaka Boarding School
1901 – 1911: Justice of Creek Territory Supreme Court

February 17, 1911
Place of Death: Muskogee Oklahoma
Age at time of Death: 78 years old
Burial Place: Greenhill Cemetery Muskogee Oklahoma


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
His involvement with the Creek Indians came about even though he was only 1/8 th Creek. His delegation to the Second Confederate Congress was as a nonvoting representative.