Caleb Glover Southern Cross Of Honor


Nov 3, 2019

This is Caleb Glover a servant to the Colonel of the 22nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment who was awarded the Southern Cross Of Honor by the Paul Mcmichael Chapter UDC.

Would anyone have any idea of how I could locate his application for the medal?

I'm looking for names, applications, etc.

I've tried the UDC but no luck.

Also would anyone know of any other men of color who were awarded this medal?

C.W. Roden

Formerly: SouthernFriedOtaku
Dec 3, 2019
South Carolina, USA, Earth
I've seen other reunion photos of Black Confederate veterans with the Southern Cross of Honor, although I don't have the names of those individuals available.
The real expert is Miss Teresa Roane from Richmond, VA and Life Member of the UDC, former archivist for the Museum of the Confederacy. She could possibly provide the information you seek since she's researched this stuff for decades.