Cadet George Custer colorized by me

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Forum Host
Nov 27, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I think every detail is spot on except the eyes. They make the whole face almost appear like a cartoon, and I had to scroll to the hands which are perfect and then return to the face to see the human quality it represents. I found the table cloth to be a true and exact set piece for studio photography. I didn't recognize George Custer. I didn't know he had freckles, and my own insight was colored by Indian descriptions of his hair. Excellent colorization; even the suit is pure and textured enough to identify the cloth. But the eyes, oh those eyes, the iris' need to be streaked with thin shade lines to keep them from appearing luminescent. See:


Sergeant Major
Nov 21, 2014
Great job. Reminds us of just how young he was, and how really young he looked. George A. Custer was one of the greatest cavalry commanders this country has ever produced. He understood speed, audacity, firepower and shock effect. He was also personally childish and had a titanic ego. Those qualities hurt him, eventually fatally, during his postwar career.


Apr 2, 2021
Excellent work! Really brings out the human quality of him at the time. My grandmother would say with that face he looks like trouble :wink:


First Sergeant
Jul 20, 2019
Showed this photo to my daughter and her first comment was "Is that some relative of yours?". Not possible, but really cool to contemplate.