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Cyrus Bussey


Born: October 5, 1833

Birthplace: Hubbard, Ohio

Father: Rev. Amos Bussey 1806 – 1865

Mother: Hannah Tyler 1811 – 1901

Ellen Kiser 1836 – 1881
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia)​


Cora Bussey Hillis 1858 – 1924​
(Buried: Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa)​
Nellie Bussey 1861 – 1861​
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia)​
Laura Bussey 1867 – 1902​
(Buried: Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa)​


Studied medicine for a brief time but didn’t continue​

Occupation before War:

Clerk for dry goods business at age 14​
Owner of his own mercantile Business at age 15​
1855 – 1861: Mercantile Businessman in Bloomfield, Iowa​
Iowa State Senator​
1860: Iowa Delegate to Democratic Party National Convention​

Civil War Career:

1861: Lt. Colonel in Iowa State Militia​
1861 – 1864: Colonel of 3rd Iowa Cavalry Regiment​
1862: Commanded a small Force at Battle of Elkhorn Tavern​
1862: Served in Frederick Steele’s Expedition to Arkansas Post​
Union Army Commander, District of Eastern Arkansas
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1863: Cavalry Division Commander in Vicksburg Campaign​
1864 – 1865: Brigadier General of Union Army, Volunteers​
1864 – 1865: Served in Western Arkansas​
Restored discipline in Western Arkansas, and fought corrupt Contracts​
1865: Brevetted Major General of Union Army, Volunteers​
1865: Mustered out of the Union Army on August 24th​

Occupation after War:

Commission Businessman in St. Louis, Missouri, & New Orleans, Louisiana​
1889 – 1893: United States Assistant Secretary of the Interior​
1893 – 1915: Attorney in Washington, D.C.​
1911 – 1912: Commander of D.C. Commandry of the Loyal Legion​

March 2, 1915

Place of Death: Washington, D.C.

Cause of Death: Influenza and bronchial pneumonia

Age at time of Death: 81 years old

Burial Place: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
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