US Burton, William - Gov. of DE

Governor William Burton

October 16, 1789

Sussex County, Delaware

Father: John Burton 1746 – 1791

Mary “Polly” West 1757 – 1806

1st Wife:
Eliza Sorden 1773 – 1829
(Buried: Christ Episcopal Church, Milford, Delaware)​

2nd Wife: Ann Catherine Hill 1812 – 1885
(Buried: Christ Episcopal Church, Milford, Delaware)​


Rhoda H. Burton Roudebush 1841 – 1917​
(Buried: Christ Episcopal Church, Milford, Delaware)​


Graduated from University of Pennsylvania Medical School​

Occupation before War:

Medical Doctor in Lewes, Delaware and Milford, Delaware​
Brigadier General of Sussex County, Delaware Militia​
1830 – 1834: Sheriff of Kent County, Delaware​
1854: Unsuccessful Candidate for Governor of Delaware​
1859 – 1863: Governor of Delaware​

Civil War Role:

1859 – 1863: Governor of Delaware​
1861: Strongly Sympathetic with the Confederate Cause​
Strong Opponent of Abolition​
Opposed Delaware’s Possible Secession from United States​
Asked the group of Delaware men supporting the south to disarm​
He would later withdraw that request for the men to disarm​
Appointed Henry du Pont to Lead the Delaware State Militia​

Occupation after office:

1863 – 1866: Medical Doctor in Milford, Delaware​

Died: August 5, 1866

Place of Death: Milford, Delaware

Age at time of Death: 76 years old

Burial Place: Christ Episcopal Church, Milford, Delaware
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