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Burned Bridge at Big Buckhead Church visible (for now)

Discussion in 'The South & Western Theaters' started by Shermanwasaterrorist, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Shermanwasaterrorist

    Shermanwasaterrorist Private

    Nov 2, 2016
    The Great State of GEORGIA!
    The creeks are low down here for first time in a little while. Not good for most normal people but, a nice gift for the abnormal and obsessed history nut such as, myself.
    My favorite little "battle" sight Big Buckhead Creek/Church is once again allowing me to sneak a peek of the scars General Hugh Judson "Killcavalry" Kilpatrick, General "Fightin' Joe" Wheeler and their respective troops inflicted upon her swampy terrain during the last leg of "Uncle Billy's" March to The Sea.
    Although, Big Buckhead, Jones Plantation (Birdsville), Waynesboro, Little Ogeechee, Ebenezer Creek, Millen and Scarboro aren't part of the V.I.P. popular cliquè of The ACW tourist industry and...let's try to keep it that way...these virtually frozen in time sites are truly amazing for those of us that live and breathe yhe ACW.
    These images show the pilings of the 19th century wooden bridge that was burned and hastily re-engineered with pews from Big Buckhead Baptist Church in November 1864.
    The floors of the church still display hoof prints of cavalry soldier's steed, the confederate earthworks, rifle pits and still present remnants of a plank road still exist and are an awesome sight to behold.

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