FOR SALE Bunch of personal/camp items

Feb 6, 2019
Time to offload all of this stuff. Images are of actual items you will receive. Purchased for the web series, but not sure that's going to work out, so time to move these to others who will have better uses for them. All of this stuff has been exhaustively researched, and I feel is all authentic. I would prefer to sell the entire lot to one collector, but will split if people want/need individual items. Please PM with any questions or inquiries. I have many more images and can discuss my research on all these items with anyone. With that here is the list:

4 civil war used lithographed playing cards- as per the video $350

c1850's Bone/Ebony Dominoes with Era correct carrying case- Full Set 28 Dominoes - $125 DSC_0149.JPG

Period Bone Dice and Period Oak Shaker- $85


c1840-1880 Patriotic Pencils AND slate board. These were made from 1840-1880, so no way to nail down an exact date. These were used mostly by school children to preserve paper and pencils for the war effort. 2 complete boxes of pencils and board. The boxes are full of pencils. Most are complete, several are 1/2 pencils- $55.00


c1865 poker chips. Found in a burlap sack with percussion caps with date 1865. Probably shaped from Vegetable Ivory instead of bone. - $35 DSC_0194.JPG

Period traveling inkwell- $75.00 DSC_0190.JPG


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