Buckle - but what kind?


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Jul 28, 2015
  1. a rolled brass plate with applied hooks made from 1865-1880
  2. a nickel plated rolled brass with brass script letters affixed by wires with soldered hooks 1875-1885"

    I thought the discussion was centered around Civil War or pre-CW artifacts. I stand by my statement that there are no documented MVM plates from the era. The only one I am aware of being claimed is the sand cast example below, and the only source for it is from this site. It is not in any of the standard reference works or anywhere else online that I can find; it is likely a fantasy piece.

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I assume 1865 is in that era? There are examples of the #1 above, perhaps you need to add the below to your standard references. Page 510, Plate 859 "American Military Belt Plates" by Mike O'Donnell and J. Duncan Campbell. Mike is a friend who has helped authenticate quite a few belt rigs for me and in turn he has photographed pieces from my collection for his reference works.

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