US -Buckingham, William Alfred - Governor, CT

William Alfred Buckingham:
Born: May 28, 1804

Lebanon Connecticut
Father: Deacon Samuel Buckingham 1770 – 1850
Mother: Joanna Matson 1777 – 1846
Wife: Eliza Ripley 1808 – 1868
(Buried: Yantic Cemetery Norwich Connecticut)

William Ripley Buckingham 1836 – 1838
(Buried: Yantic Cemetery Norwich Connecticut)
Eliza Coit Buckingham Aiken 1838 – 1924
(Buried: Yantic Cemetery Norwich Connecticut)

Political Party: Republican Party and National Union Party

Occupation before War:

Organizer and Owner of Hayward Rubber Company
1849 – 1850: Mayor of Norwich Connecticut
Member of Norwich Connecticut City Council
Town Treasurer for Norwich Connecticut
1856 – 1857: Mayor of Norwich Connecticut
1858 – 1866: Governor of Connecticut
1860: Campaigner for Abraham Lincoln Presidential Campaign
1860: Hosted Abraham Lincoln when he visited Connecticut

Civil War Career:
1858 – 1866: Governor of Connecticut
Borrowed money in his own name to finance war efforts.
Worked Seven days a week twelve hours a day as Governor.
Answered letters from soldiers in the field.

Visited Connecticut Soldiers at war and at home.
As Governor he was concerned with the welfare of Connecticut troops
1863: Persuaded Connecticut Assembly to authorize regiment of black troops the first would be the 29th​ Connecticut Infantry Regiment.

Occupation after War:
1858 – 1866: Governor of Connecticut
1866: Declined renomination as Governor of Connecticut
1869 – 1875: United States Senator from Connecticut
1869 – 1873: Member of Senate Indian Affairs Committee
1869 – 1875: Member of Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee
1873 – 1875: Chairman of Senate Indian Affairs Committee

February 5, 1875
Place of Death:
Norwich Connecticut
Age at time of Death: 70 years old
Burial Place: Yantic Cemetery Norwich Connecticut