"Brothers" Novel - A lost Medal of Honor


Jan 7, 2021
Hello friends,

For his gallant flag capture of the 23rd Alabama at Port Gibson, Cpl. David Evans should've won the Medal of Honor. But he did not as the city of Portsmouth did not turn over his captured flag to the War Department following receiving it, and the flag was later burned to fabric ash as Portsmouth City Hall caught on fire in 1921 where the flag was hanging. My recent novel "Brothers" debuted at #6 on Barnes & Noble History Bestsellers and tells the true and forgotten story of Cpl. David Evans and his brothers Sgt. Richard Evans and Captain John Evans, three Welsh brothers amidst the Civil War.

David received a mortal wound at Champion Hill on May 16th, specifically a gruesome shell wound to the chest and he died with fragments still in his chest nearly 60 days on July 14th. Priorly discharged out of the same 56th Ohio that David fought in, David's younger brother Richard was commissioned by Governor Tod of Ohio back into service on July 14th as a Captain in the Gallia County Militia - all the while as Richard struggled with the after effects of Typhoid Fever. Younger brother John meanwhile of the prestigious Fuller's Ohio Brigade slugged it out amidst perpetual action and doesn't miss a day of service, and my novel also includes a first hand account of New Madrid and Island No.10 that he himself wrote.

You can check Brothers out at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/brothers-dylan-james/1139751929?ean=9781666298215.

Long live those who fought for our country!