COL Bramlette, Thomas Elliott - Governor of KY

Thomas Elliott Bramlette
Governor Bramlette.jpg

Born: January 3, 1817

Birthplace: Cumberland County, Kentucky

Father: Colonel Ambrose S. Bramlette

Mother: Sarah H. Elliott 1796 – 1875
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Texas)​

1st​ Wife: Sallie Lean Travis 1819 – 1872
(Buried: Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky)

2nd​ Wife: Mary E. Graham 1832 – 1886
(Buried: Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Kentucky)​


Colonel James Thompson Bramlette 1839 – 1872​
(Buried: Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky)​
William L. Bramlette 1841 – 1872​
(Buried: Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky)​
Simeon Eugene Bramlette 1851 – 1888​
(Buried: Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky)​
Corinne B. Bramlette Walworth 1854 – 1937​
(Buried: Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, New York)​
Mary Bramlette 1858 – 1862​
(Buried: Columbia Cemetery, Columbia, Kentucky)​

Political Party: Whig Party and Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky​
1841: Kentucky State Representative​
1848 – 1850: Commonwealth Attorney for Kentucky​
1852 – 1856: Attorney in Columbia, Kentucky​
1853: Unsuccessful Candidate for U.S. Congressman
1856 – 1860: Judge of 6th​ Judicial District of Kentucky​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Colonel of 3rd​ Kentucky Infantry Regiment​
1861: Marched to Lexington to arrest John C. Breckinridge​
1862: Resigned as Colonel on July 13th​ at Decherd, Tennessee​
1862 – 1863: United States District Attorney in Kentucky​
1863 – 1867: Governor of Kentucky​
Held that confederate sympathizers held responsible for guerilla raids​
Played a role against Brig. General Stephen G. Burbridge​
Proclaimed day of fasting and prayer after Lincoln Assassination

Occupation after War:

1865: Wanted to issue pardons to most former Confederates​
Opposed Passage of the Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments​
Protested establishing Freedmen’s Bureau in Kentucky​
Helped Establish the Agricultural and Mechanic College of Kentucky​
Supported the construction of turnpikes financed by government bonds​
Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Senator​
1867 – 1875: Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky​

Died: January 12, 1875

Place of Death: Louisville, Kentucky

Age at time of Death: 58 years old

Burial Place:
Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky
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South Texas
I read somewhere that he was considered evenhanded when it came to treatment of returning veterans, both North and South. Plus he was considered for the vice presidency on the 1864 Democratic ticket but declined.