US Bradford, Augustus Williamson - Governor of MD

Augustus Williamson Bradford


Born: January 9, 1806

Birthplace: Bel Air, Maryland

Father: Samuel Bradford 1774 – 1849

Mother: Jane Bond 1780 –

Wife: Elizabeth Kell 1818 – 1894
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​


William Kell Bradford 1838 – 1871​
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​
Emeline Kell Bradford 1840 – 1930​
Jane Bond Bradford 1841 – 1905​
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​
Augustus Williamson Bradford Jr. 1848 – 1921​
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​
Thomas Kell Bradford 1851 – 1906​
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​
Samuel Webster Bradford 1856 – 1932​
(Buried: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland)​

Political Party: Union and Democrat Parties


1824: Graduated from St. Mary’s College​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland​
1845 – 1851: Clerk of Baltimore County, Maryland County Court​

Civil War Career:

1861: Maryland Delegate to Washington, D.C. Peace Conference​
1862 – 1866: Governor of Maryland​
1862: Attended Loyal Governor’s Conference in Altoona Pennsylvania​
Released Samuel Green from jail in condition he leave Maryland​
1862 – 1864: Encourage Immigration in Maryland​
Supporter of State Superintendent of School Commissioners​
1864: His home was burned to the ground by Confederates​
Reorganized the Maryland State Militia​
Assisted in acquiring a portion of Gettysburg battlefield to bury dead​

Occupation after War:

1866 – 1869: United States Surveyor of Port of Baltimore, Maryland​
1869 – 1872: Lived Retired in Baltimore, Maryland​
1872: Presidential Elector for Horace Greeley Campaign​

March 1, 1881

Place of Death: Baltimore, Maryland

Age at time of Death: 75 years old

Burial Place: Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
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