CS Con -Boudinot, Elias Cornelius - C.S. Delegate, Indian Territory

Elias Cornelius Boudinot:
Born: August 1, 1835

Birthplace: Rome Floyd County Georgia
Father: Elias Boudinot 1802 – 1839
(Buried: Worcester Cemetery Park Hill Oklahoma)
Mother: Harriet Ruggles Gold 1805 – 1836
(Buried: New Echota Cemetery Calhoun Georgia)

Wife: Clara Corinth Minear 1859 – 1911
(Buried: Oak Cemetery Fort Smith Arkansas)

Uncle: Brig. General Stand Watie 1806 – 1871
(Buried: Polson Cemetery Delaware County Oklahoma)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Civil Engineer with an Ohio Railroad for one year
1856-1860: Attorney and Newspaper editor in Fayetteville Arkansas
1860: Chairman of Arkansas Democratic Committee
1860: Moved to Little Rock Arkansas

Civil War Career:
1861: Secretary of Arkansas State Secession Convention
Aide his uncle in raising a regiment in the Cherokee Nation
1861: Lt. Colonel of Cherokee Nation Confederate Regiment
1862 – 1865: Tribal Representative to Confederate Congress
Corresponding non – voting member of Indian Affairs Committee
Only Indian Representative who placed a broad interpretation on the rights of a “non – voting” congressman
He occasionally proposed amendments to bills affecting the Indians.
He introduced bills providing for the clarification of procedures governing Indian elections and for systematizing the distribution of money and supplies to them under treaty obligations.

Occupation after War:
Prominent in negotiations with the government leading to the restoration of tribal rights to the Cherokees
Exponent of many advanced ideas for his people including education, the breakup of tribal fetishes, and allotment of lands
Clerk for the United States Congress
Lobbyist for the railroad to come into Cherokee Nation territory.
1870: Drove the first railroad spike in Indian Territory

September 27, 1890
Place of Death: Fort Smith Arkansas
Age at time of Death: 55 years old
Burial Place: Oak Cemetery Fort Smith Arkansas