Restricted Boston mayor favors removal of Lincoln statue


Lt. Colonel
Nov 11, 2009
A statue of Abe Lincoln symbolizing freeing the slaves has stood in Boston for over 100 years. Now the mayor is in favor of removing it.

Mayor Marty Walsh, who designated racism as a public health crisis in the city of Boston, is in favor of removing a statue of Lincoln that has stood for over 100 years in the city’s Park Square. Walsh's office told the Boston Globelast week that it hopes to recommission that statue into one that "recognizes equality" and is investigating what processes the city would need to undergo to remove it.

The statue depicts Lincoln with one arm extended above a freed slave with broken shackles, symbolizing that, by Lincoln's hand, the institution of slavery was broken. The inscription on the statue reads, "A race set free and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors.”