Book Reveiw: General A. P. Hill, The Story of a Confederate General

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General A. P. Hill, The Story of a Confederate Warrior
By James I. Robertson Jr.
Copyright 1987
Vintage Civil War Library
Vintage Books
A Division of Random House, Inc.
New York
IBSN 0-679-73888-6

Who was Ambrose Powell "Little Powell" Hill?

I remember watching the TNT movie Gettysburg, every General mentioned his name. Yet where was he? How is it he has been forgotten?
Just before her death, A.P. Hill's daughter, Lucy Hill McGill made an earnest plea: "I do so want to have justice done my father. It has never been"

Who was A.P. Hill?
Here is a man, who challenged Longstreet to a duel. He was under arrest by Jackson on the way to Antietam. He led his Light Division in the battles at Second Manassas, Antietum, Fredricksburg, Chancellorville, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor and more. He was A corps commander. Both Generals Lee and Jackson called to him on their death beds. It was said of him by Col. Charles Venable of Lee's staff "In him fell one of the knightliest Generals of that army of knightly soldiers. On the field he was the very soul of chivalrous gallantry. In moments of the greastest peril his bearing was superb and inspiring in the highest degree....The name of A.P. Hill stands recorded high on the list of those noble sons of VIrginia at whose roll-call grateful memory will ever answer: 'Dead on the field of honor for the people they loved so well'"

Who was A.P. Hill?
Well known historical author James I. Robertson Jr. does a excellent job of answering this question. He shows a very human picture of "Little Powell" as well as lots of little insights of the inside machinations of the Confederate high command. You get a chance to see a major player of the Confederacy, one who, to many, remains an obscure or forgotten figure...known only in reference to others. The only drawback I have with the book is it is the Footnotes are all in the back of the book. I prefer footnotes to be on the foot of the page.

Who was A.P. Hill?
He was first and foremost a soldier. a proud man who was a stickler for protocol yet loved and admired by his men. He died On April 2 1865 while trying to stop Grant's last attack on Petersburg. Only hours after he died, the Army of Virginia started it's death march to Appomattox.

Chaplain J. William Jones wrote of Hill shortly after the civil war: "And though he knew no tender care, as did Jackson, no weeping friends, as did Stuart, the swift-winged messenger of death left neither wanting. His death groan was lost in the roar of battle, his death couch moistened with the blood of his comrades, and for his requiem was heard a nation's wail."

Who was A. P. Hill?
Read this book and find out.

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Feb 20, 2005
Good book, and well worth reading.
Robertson found some interesting stuff on A.P. Hill, that explained questions I'd always had about him. I don't want to give too much away- read the book.
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!