Book on causes of the American Revolution provide insight into Civil War


First Sergeant
Feb 14, 2007
Near Gettysburg, PA
When various southerners of the 1800s refer to the American Revolution and draw parallels as to their motivations to support "a second war for independence", I highly recommend that folks read about what was happening economically and otherwise that led up to the American Revolution. What little I was taught in school about the American Revolution was sadly very different from the real causes of the conflict.

I humbly suggest reading the book, “1775: A Good Year for Revolution”, 1st (first) Edition by Phillips, Kevin [2012]

The American Revolution was the result of crushing economics, not just at simple little tax. All raw materials had to be shipped to England, selling directly to Spain or other countries was not allowed. Only English businessmen were allowed to ship to other countries and therefor profit. The Americas then had to purchase back the finished products, which were not allowed to be manufactured here. And the American colonies were not allowed to make coins or other currency, so trade within the colonies was crushed due to lack of currency. …. It was not a simple tax.... it was crushing economics.

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