Book completed

Feb 16, 2018
Hi guys, I have finished my book on my great great grandfather. It's called Confederate Gray. It took me a year to complete as one of you told me, his memoirs left out some things, camp life, sickness, desertion, and getting from one place to another. Andrew Jackson Johnson, of the 48th Virginia Infantry fought in some of the bloodiest battles. He recorded a lot of detail. There were other family records that shared his experiences.

I would like to thank the ones of you that shared important thoughts and information with me. Those ideas, thoughts, and tidbits (as one of you called it) came into play as I researched the history of the Civil War.

I'm not trying to sell you a book, but if you want one, just let me know. They are professionally done. You can view the cover on my facebook page. Larry L. Rhoton, or on Amazon, or you can order one at, just send me an email. I'll send you the book and you can send me the money after receiving it. I will sell them to you cheaper than Amazon. Cost is $12.00 plus about $3.30 shipping. However, you must let me know you are with Civil War Talk or the price will be higher. With you guys, I'm just recovering my costs. They are $19.95 plus shipping on Amazon.

I wrote this novel in first person, so Private Andrew Jackson tells the story. Austin MaCauley Publishers said this about this novel: Your story is a raw and real account of the horrors face by soldiers on both sides, through the eyes of Private Andrew Jackson Johnson. The hardships, suffering, and day-to-day experiences that are detailed in your work will open reader' eyes to the realities of this war and how deeply it effected all Americans at that time. Your work will thoroughly enthrall history buffs and those looking to learn more about the Civil War and will have them glued to the pages from beginning to end.

Thanks again for all of the information you shared with me.


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