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Jun 7, 2010
I asked this once before but never got an answer. To those of you who feel you have a Confederate heritage you need to defend, what exactly is it that you believe you inherited? What about the Confederacy do you value that you think others should respect? This is not a bait. I don't intend to begin an argument. I'd just like to understand.
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Feb 7, 2006
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Quick side note I sat about 20 yards from the Soldiers and Sailors monument to watch the fireworks over the James River last night, and the city had already removed the graffiti. You could only see the most faint outline of it.


Sep 8, 2012

Thank you for your post and valuable information. Seems that some government funding was used and I am more than fine with some government funding going toward African-American Monuments/Memorials today.

Was the Ladies Memorial Association of Alabama, and the Historical and Monumental Association of Alabama government related? They appear to be civilian organizations.
As to the Colfax Massacre, not a riot, as that is what it was a massacre, I am not sure how likely it is that a monument to African-American USCT would be allowed. Has any group attempted recently to fund and place one?

Also I would think it would be left up to the community. The racial makeup of the town was 67.81% African-American, 30.98% White, 0.06%, Native American, 0.06% Pacific Islander, 0.06% from other races, and 1.02% from two or more races, according to Wikipedia. So I am not sure where the opposition is coming from, is it from state government?, or Federal government?

As I have stated time and time again..............

1. I am for removal of Confederate icons from all government property, and now agree that any Confederate Monuments/Memorials should be moved from government property to an appropriate and approved locations, but now feel at the cost of the government.
2. I am and always have been for African-American Monuments/Memorials honoring their Heritage/History,.....but not at the cost of eradicating My Confederate Heritage or anyone's Heritage........Why can't all be celebrated and honored by those who wish to do so?................not forcing anyone to honor or celebrate a heritage/history they do not wish to, but the argument that some/most of the African-American community uses, can and could be used by groups of others.......

I am in no way attempting to state or make it appear that you believe that one's heritage being honored has to destroy another's heritage..............
I truly believe you do not believe in the eradication of one heritage/history so it can be replaced by another's heritage/history.

Do not all nations have people that hate? Does that mean all the people of the nation hate? Do all religions have people that hate? Does that mean that all people of that religion hate? Of course not, and just because some of the people that celebrate Confederate Heritage hate, does not mean that all people who celebrate their Confederate Heritage hate or do so in a hateful manner. Some of the people that honor and celebrate their African-American Heritage hate, but that does mean all people who celebrate their African-American Heritage hate, of course not.

We who celebrate our Confederate Heritage without the hate are lumped in with the ones who do hate and that is unfair.
Can I change that ? No I can't because it is up to each individual to change how they see things and some on both sides are blind and will never see.

I wave the Confederate flag out of honor of my ancestors and I am accused of supporting slavery, the KKK, and of hatred.
Now, not wanting to, nor is it my intention to start a big stink or fuss. I assume, and I understand what assuming can do, your login name the 18thvirginia is due to you having ancestors in that regiment and that is your way of remembering/honoring them, but isn't that also honoring the Confederacy they fought for? A Confederacy that fought for slavery?
The same thing, I and many others, are accused of when I flag my Confederate flag ? I fly my Confederate flag, I visit Confederate monuments/memorials/graves to honor my ancestors that fought and died bravely, and some not so bravely............All gave some and some gave all on both sides !!! I honor all, Union, Rebel, Black, Scottish, German, Native American, Italian, Irish, Greek, Canadian, Hispanic, Hungarian, Asian.......Etc...Etc....

In closing I have learned a great deal in your post and others post as well. I hope to continuing to learn and improve my vision on history. That is one of the things we are all here on CivilWarTalk for.

18thvirginia, if anything I have stated here offends you then I truly do apologize, as that was not my intention. Mods if I am out of line then delete this post and I will utter no objection.


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We all make errors in life, William. If one is a physician or a judge, those errors may loom large. Sometimes we're too stubborn to admit it, but the people I most admire are those who will say, "I made a mistake." I think that the Confederacy was an example of colossal wrongheadedness.

One plantation owner in Louisiana put it this way:

When we look back to the heavy misfortune that has befallen us all, by the disastrous result of the late most unfortunate war, we should be disposed to be as lenient as possible to each other. I was strongly opposed to the suicidal policy of Secession , the fruits of which have involved the whole South in one common ruin from a state of most unexampled prosperity. Kilbourne.

But, I don't see the dishonor for my ancestors and their cousins who fought in the 18th Virginia Cavalry in saying, "They made a mistake. They may have been honorable men, but they served a dishonorable cause." I see no honor whatsoever in celebrating the lives of men like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, who led the poor Southern farmers like my ancestors into ruin. Had the South at any point since 1865 given up the veneration of these men and the rest of the generals, governors, secessionists, and focused on honoring only the lives of the common soldier , I'd guess that the anger that has been generated toward the symbols of the Confederacy would have been far less this July 4, 2015. Had the South included the 40% of the South which was African American into the narrative, I'd guess that the anger would be far less.

Instead, the South ignored the men of the USCT who made a journey from "thinghood" to "manhood" and put up monuments to "faithful slaves" and proposed the most degrading thing one can imagine, a monument to "mammies" with an Aunt Jemima looking figure holding the hand of a "pickanniny" on an actual statue.

But, many of us in the South, who are the descendants of white confederates, found that we could say, "Whew, that was a mistake." What I find distressing in your narrative is that you constantly make this an African American vs. those of white Confederate Heritage issue, without recognizing that you lost the rest of us who love being of Southern heritage, but don't consider that 4 years in the 1860s solely define that heritage.
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