★ ★  Blunt, James Gilpatrick

James Gilpatrick Blunt


Born: July 21, 1826

Trenton, Maine

Father: John Blunt Jr. 1795 – 1876

Mother: Sailly Gilpatrick 1791 – 1832

Wife: Nancy Carson Putnam 1832 – 1913
(Buried: Mount Muncie Cemetery, Lansing, Kansas)​


Sarah G. “Sadie” Blunt 1851 – 1936​
Rufus G. Blunt 1852 –​
Katherine P. Blunt 1867 – 1953​


1849: Graduated from Starling Medical College​

Occupation before War:

At age 15 he went to sea for five years on a merchant ship​
1849 – 1856: Medical Doctor in New Madison, Ohio​
1856 – 1861: Medical Doctor in Anderson County, Kansas​
Allied himself with John Brown in Kansas​
1859: Member of Wyandotte Constitutional Convention​
1859: Chairman of Militia at the Wyandotte Convention​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Lt. Colonel of 3rd Kansas Infantry Regiment​
1861 – 1862: Served as part of Jim Lane’s Kansas Brigade​
1861 – 1862: Served Jay hawking activities in Kansas - Indian Territory​
1862: Brigadier General of Union Army Volunteers​
Union Army Commander of the Department and Army of Kansas​
Ordered William Weer to lead the “Indian Expedition”​
Chastised CSA General Douglas H. Cooper and his forces​
1862: Union Army Commander at Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas​
1863 – 1865: Major General of Union Army Volunteers​
1863: Union Army Commander of Army of the Frontier​
1863: Established Fort Baxter near Baxter Springs, Kansas​
1863: Union Army Commander at Battle of Honey Springs
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1863: Attacked by Quantrill at Fort Smith, Arkansas​
1863: Union Army Commander at Battle of Baxter Springs​
1864: Division Commander during Sterling Price Pursuit​
1864: Division Commander at Battle of Westport, Missouri​
1864: Union Army Commander Second Battle of Newtonia​
1864 – 1865: Union Army Commander of District of South Kansas​

Occupation after War:

Medical Doctor in Leavenworth, Kansas​
Admitted to the Bar by the Kansas State Bar​
1869 – 1879: Attorney in Washington, D.C.​
1873: Accused by U.S. Justice Department of conspiracy​
1879 – 1881: Lived in the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for the Insane​

Died: July 27, 1881

Place of Death: St. Elizabeth Hospital for the Insane, Washington, D.C.

Cause of Death: Paresis with convulsions

Age at time of Death:
55 years old

Burial Place: Mount Muncie Cemetery, Lansing, Kansas
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